December 7, 2023

First Day in Goa with Twins :)

In my previous blog, I mentioned my visit to Goa. This was our visit trip after lockdown. In this blog, I will share our first day in Goa.

We reached our resort The Grand Leoney Resort at Vagator Beach by 9:30 A.M but the Check-in Time of the resort is 1 P.M and no room was vacant that they could accommodate us in another room. It was difficult for us to wait at reception for approx 2:30 hours with kids as we were tired by the overnight journey. Still, the lady at reception assured us as soon as the room gets free they will clean it and allow us to check-in.

In the meanwhile, we decided to have breakfast at the nearby outlet “Jaws Restaurant and Bakery”. We ordered there Bread Toast for kids, Idli Sambhar and Bread Omellete for me and my husband respectively. The food was too good and add on point of that they have an in-house bakery. We recommend whosoever visited Goa and Vagator beach must-try food at Jaws Cafe.

After having our breakfast we returned back to our resort and found that room got vacant and in half an hour the lady at reception handed over the keys of our room.

After resting for some time and being refreshed, we hired a scooty and went for a Vagator Beach. On the way to my beach, my kids stopped at the one of shops and insisted on getting glasses and hats.

We clicked some pictures at the cliff which came across while heading to the beach. After getting clicked some pictures we came back to the market to have some food as it was already 4 O’clock.

After having some snacks in the market we headed to another corner of Vagator beach.

To the surprise of us, both of my twins started crying after seeing the beach and water. Neither they want to go near the sea nor they allowed us. As this was their first interaction with the sea so their this action was not anticipated.

Anyhow, we enjoyed that evening and scenic view of the setting sun while sitting at one of the shacks and enjoying food and drinks.

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