October 6, 2022

How Patience and Persistence lead to Success

I am here again with new story of how a boy succeeded with patience and persistence?

Dheeraj was born into a middle-class family in a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Dheeraj was the youngest among three brothers and sisters. He had an elder brother and an elder sister. Elder brother used to share his business with father. The elder sister used to give tuition to children at home. He was an average student in studies but his mind was very much sharp in doing business and business techniques. Her father’s business was of Catering. His father and elder brother were doing the business in a conservative manner. His father and brother always got angry whenever he used to apply new technology in it, they would tell him that you should concentrate on your studies

Seeing this, he passed class 12th but now he did not want to study further. His attention was always in business. Nevertheless, on the persuasion of his father, he continued his studies with distance learning and started thinking of ways to increase business. While his father and elder brother were associated with the catering business, he was also fond of this business. He also wanted to do something in this business. But there was no one to listen to his suggestions. He had many ideas but who should he tell the ideas? Because his father and elder brother were happy with their business.

But he kept up the spirits. He did not give up patience and courage. He was sure of himself, was sure of his ideas.

Success With Patience

One day he wondered why I would not discuss my ideas with other business men of the city. He started meeting other restaurant owners, sweet shop owners, lunch services, catering services in his city. He told them how his ideas can help them to expand their business. But in a small town no one was there to understand his ideas. He used to meet someone, used to tell them his ideas but always returned empty handed. His father and elder brother always tried to convince him that “You have been in such a crazy situation, join your family business and grow beyond it.”

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination of success

~Napolean Hill

He joined the family business but did not give up his thoughts. He did not give up patience and courage. Every time, every day, he used to keep running in his mind how to implement his ideas.

There is a saying that “God helps those who help themselves”.

Similarly, the days passed and he along with his father and elder brother helped the business. One day, he had to go to Lucknow to cater one of his father’s friend family function. His father then entrusted him with the responsibility of catering the function. This was the time when his dreams were to be converted into reality. He was patiently waiting for this opportunity.

Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is to be calm no matter what happens, constantly take action to turn it to positive growth opportunities, and have faith to believe that it will all work out in the end while you are waiting.”

~Roy T. Bennett

After getting Free from catering work in Lucknow, he wondered why not meet the owners of nearby restaurants, food outlets etc. and tell them about their business plan. Thinking this, he went to the famous sweets shop in Lucknow. There he met owner of the shop and explained to him his business model. But the owner of that shop also did not show much interest in his business model. Even from here also, he got disappointment that suddenly he heard a voice in his ears. This was the voice of Sachin, the son of the owner of the shop who was sitting in the corner listening to his father and Dheeraj. He called Dheeraj and said that I liked your business plan very much. I would like to work with you in this business. On hearing all this, tears came in his eyes and yes these tears were of happiness!!

This is where the journey of Dheeraj started. Going back to his hometown, he told his father and elder brother that the owner of Lucknow’s Famous Sweet Shop had agreed to work with him after hearing his business plan. His father and elder brother could not believe his ears what he was saying. Hearing all this, both of them embraced him. Today, Dheeraj felt that being patient brings success. A few days later, he took the blessings of his father, mother, elder brother and elder sister and left for Lucknow. He took a room on rent in Lucknow and started work on his business plan.

“Patience is the key element of success”

~Bill Gates

He had saved from the pocket money he received while working with his father. With that money he started to shape his business plan. Sachin introduced him to his 2-3 friends of his who has restaurants and food outlets in Lucknow. With the confidence of all this, he took the next step to enhance his business. He distributed brochures in the famous areas of Lucknow, in which he gave his WhatsApp number and mobile number.

By contacting on those numbers, they could get home delivery by ordering food from the famous restaurant in Lucknow who are listed with him. He had distributed brochures on Friday, thinking that due to weekends on Saturday and Sunday, people order food from outside. But it did not happen as he thought. Despite being Saturday and Sunday, no one contacted his number. But he was not one to give up. It was found out from this that until the consumer gets any benefits, why will they will come to him?

He got the brochures distributed on the next Friday, but in this he got this written, whoever the consumer orders through this number will get 10% discount. This trick of him started and on Saturday he got 10 calls who ordered food from the restaurants listed with him. And on Sunday 25 orders. He would take orders from the customers and inform the restaurant and the restaurant would get it delivered. He would get 10% commission as an order and the discount he gave to the customer was shared in the restaurant and him.

Now even in week days, orders started coming to him. He started promoting his business through social media too. Gradually the orders increased and new restaurants joined him. Now he started giving food orders as well as delivery service. He kept some delivery boys to deliver foods to customers. he wondered why not give any name to his business now so that it is easy for people to remember him. He also started building his business mobile application, and named his business “Food At Door”.

Nearly all over Lucknow, his business “Food at Door” became famous. All the major restaurants and food outlets in Lucknow were part of his business. He was doing as he thought. Now he thought of opening branches of his business in other cities of Uttar Pradesh as well. Seeing this, he had set his business all over Uttar Pradesh. Every other big restaurant in Uttar Pradesh wanted to join him. He wanted to do this business in other cities of the country as well, but the Journey had just started and the destination was far away. But he had not given up hope neither earlier nor now. He was still patient that when he could do his business in Uttar Pradesh, then why not in entire India.

When you feel like Quitting, Think about Why you Started

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  1. Exceptional Post.. I must say Reward yourself for persisting. Big goals can take months or even years to achieve. The longer the time it takes to achieve the goal, the more you risk losing motivation. Reward small actions towards bigger goals. That way you are more likely to persist with reaching your bigger goal…

  2. Truly Inspired story…😇
    Patience and Persistence are 2 most important P’s of life when you want success..😍

    Nicely Explained!

      1. “God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but it’s worth the wait.”
        A story that motivates:
        A story that gives the lesson of Patience..
        Keep on,my dear..
        Mini beta,we are very much blessed to hve u in our family.Its ur hard work that is paying but still a long way to negotiate.
        God bless you in every sphere of your life!
        Love 💓

  3. Mam you are already a source of inspiration for most of the people .Now these inspirational thoughts will definitely help a larger community .Waiting for another one

  4. Nice inspiring short story with a great lesson ” Never give up”. Reading this story is really worthful for me. By adding the quotes of great author , the value of message of story turned to remarkable. The story is as inspirational as you are..👌👌👏👏👏👏

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