August 14, 2022

Learning from Failure or Mistakes

Failure is a word that no one likes. Nobody wants to ever fail in life. Every person who wants to be something in life, wants to achieve something, afraid of failure.

Rajan was also among those people who only want success not failure. But he forgot that the knowledge which failure can give, success can’t.

Every Failure is a Lesson. If You are not willing to Fail, you are not ready to Succeed.

Rajan was belonged to a Mumbai-based business family. His father was a big business man and mother was a principal in a college. They were having a very good social status, there was a lot of respect in the society. His father had a business of Diamonds. His father was connected with other business man and politicians of Mumbai. His father had a good presence in his business. His mother was the principal of a one of the reputed college in Mumbai. She was also very active in social work and was fond of going to kitty parties.

He was the only child of his parents and raised by his parents with great care. He was doing graduation from the same college where his mother was the principal. Being from a good business family, he had never seen struggle in his life, while his father belonged to a middle-class family and set up his own business empire solely. But he never told about his struggle to Rajan and also never let him have any problem. For this reason, he was far away from hard work and struggle.

Everything was going well, his father’s business and his college both. In the year 2014, his graduation was completed and in same year the 25 years of marriage of his parents completed. All three of them thought that why not celebrate this occasion marvellously. They kept a nice party at their farm house. All the big business men, politicians, college principals of the city were part of this party. The function went very well. He gifted Trip of Europe to his parents as anniversary gift. The celebration was awesome. Everyone was praising.

After 2 days, his parents left for their Europe trip. He went to drop them at the airport himself.

Rajan to his parents: – “Enjoy this moment to the fullest “

They all hugged each other and bid good bye.

He returned home. His college was also completed. All his other friends were busy searching for higher studies or jobs. In such a situation, he could not understand what to do. He too made plans to visit Ooty with some of his friends. His parents went on Europe trip for a week. By then he too made a plan with his friends for Ooty.

Similarly, 6 days passed. The next day his parents were to return from Europe. He had also returned back home from Ooty. His parents’ flight was to land in Mumbai at 1 am.

It was past 12. he was waiting at the airport and just scrolling down his mobile screen seeing Facebook, WhatsApp and online news. Suddenly a news flashed on his mobile screen, on seeing which his senses flew away. The news hit him hard. That was about the crash of a flight that had its parents. He could not believe that the flight which was about to land in an hour had crashed. He was in shocked, could not understand what to do?

In a Mumbai, he had no relative other than his parents. All of his father’s relatives were in home town. He informed all. They all came comforted him and went away. He could not even get dead bodies of his parents.  

2 months had passed since his parents died. Mr Mehta, his father’s personal secretary, came home to meet him. He explicated him that now he should join office.

But he was unknowing about the business. While his father was alive, he did not ask his father about business, nor did his father ever think of telling him about business. This was the biggest failure of his life. When he had Opportunity, he did not think of learning from his father, now he was regretting it.

Failure is Just another opportunity to start over

From the very next day, he joined the office. While he was unaware about business, still he did not give up. He took all the information from Mr. Mehta about the clients, purchases, staff, expenses and all the information that was required for the business. He depended upon Mr. Mehta for all office work. He did not know about payables; he was clueless at what price stock to be given to which client. Mr Mehta started taking advantage of all these things. Mr. Mehta started evading company’s resources and money.

Similarly, everything went on and the company started incurring losses. Due to non-payment of salaries to the employees, they started leaving. vendors refused to give stock due to non-payment. Rajan could not understand what was happening. Mr Mehta kept pretending to be naive. But he did not give up.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something, but I can’t accept NOT TRYING”

~ Michael Jordan

The losses in the company increased so much that company was about to close. Everyone left the organisation except few very close to his father. Loans on the company increased so much that he had to sell the house to take it off. He was completely broken. There was no one to help him. But he did not surrender. Within 6 months of his parents’ death he became bankrupt.


One day his best friend Mohit came to meet him. Seeing him upset, he asked him the reason for his trouble. He briefed him everything. Mohit then elucidated him what mistake he has done that turned his father’s successful business into a loss. Mohit enquired him “Did you ever check the accounts of the company yourself?” his reply was ” No”. Mohit again asked, “Did you ever check to whom payments were made and why?” again his reply was “No”. Mohit said “Here you made a mistake. Because of which you have to see this day. You believed Mr. Mehta blindly, for which he took advantage.” Mohit explained to him that “the first rule of business is to never trust anyone blindly”. He understood everything.

“If you learn from defeat (Failure), You have not really lost”

~ Zig Ziglar

He had lost everything. But the one thing he found was  “Learning From Mistakes”. He learned that he would not have to depend on people like Mr Mehta today if he would have joined hands with his father on time. He learned that every other person tries to take advantage of your helplessness, no matter how close he is and who help you in trouble is the true friend.

“Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better”

~ Samuel Beckett

With this learning, he thought to move forward and with this thought he started a new business from the money he had left on selling the house. He contacted his father’s old clients, convinced them and took an order with 50% advance from them and picked up the order by giving 50% advance to the vendors. Similarly, he again won the trust of old customers and vendors. Gradually, new clients became and business grew. Similarly, two years passed, now he had made a good impression in the market. Along with this business he also gained knowledge in jewellery designing.

Seeing his dedication and hard work, everyone was surprised how he did not lose courage even in the worst situation and today he got recognition in market. He took an office on rent in a reputed business tower in Mumbai. He thought to add one more vertical into business. With this thought he started hiring new staff and make his business reach online also. His designed diamond jewellery were in great demand.

Within 5 years of his bankruptcy, he again had set up his business well. He became one of the prominent business man of Diamond Jewellery. Today he has offices in almost every major city of India. Both his offline and online businesses are doing very well. He set an example for young generation, how one should never shirk from hard work like him although he was belonged to an upper-class business family. And even in the worst of times, he was upbeat and showed what he wanted to do.

“Just Remember to never doubt yourself, We are all capable of Amazing things”

~ Rob Cristophe

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