June 25, 2022


Being a mother of twins, each and every day is new learning for me. I am learning from them before they came into this world. When they were in my womb, I could feel that they played with each other, talked, and felt each other. There was lesser space in the womb, due to which they had to adjust. I could feel when they kick each other to make their way, but they never complained. It was an awesome experience to feel them in the womb.

My strength and my weakness are twins in the same womb

~Marge Piercy

They taught me, how to stay happy and calm in lesser than what we actually want or deserve.  We should not forget that there is always something good in each and every situation and thing. They taught me how staying with love is better than having differences with loved ones.

This earth is also like the mother’s womb and we all are children of this mother earth. The more children, the more adjustments. But there should be no complaints.

We should be thankful to our mother earth as our own mother that she has given us the place to live in. Just like, a child lives in his mother’s womb for 9 months without any complaint, can’t we humans live in this mother’s womb without any complaints during our lifetime?

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face CHALLENGES”


One more thing which I learned from my kids, never give up on challenges. There was not only an issue of lesser space but many other complications were also there, they faced them bravely and won. They did not let problems to overcome them.

I learned from them the art to face the problem and overcome them. They were fighters in a real sense who faced complications, risk of life, and still survived.

If we try to learn from kids, then we can learn a lot. Their life itself is a lesson. They teach us a lot from their everyday activities.

“When you think like a child your imagination is free and anything is possible”

~Crisis Angel

Thinking like a child helps us to grow better and to become more creative which results into better decision and makes us to think beyond imaginations.

When you’re a kid, your imagination is not confined by rules. It’s independent and free to go anywhere. These all changes by the time you become an adult.

And when you tap into your inner child and embrace a child-like wonder, you can improve your life.

I have learned a lot and keep learning from them from their day to day activities. I will share my experience with all of you and will try to give as much positive energy as can.

“If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles”

~Widad Akrawi


      1. So impressed with your true experience and expressing the same in such a lucid way..amazing
        Stay blessed

  1. Being mother of Twins is a blessing. I can relate to each n every single word very well. Beautifully described every bit. Keep ur pen moving.

  2. This proves that we could learn things from any situation/circumstance only if we are keen to learn and our thought process works in that way! Must say very well explained…

  3. Dii..i am also twin of my one sister, so my mumma share their experience of their feelings of twin in their womb.. You have written exactly my mumma share with us… Well said

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