December 6, 2023


Sunita Khurana is a Proud Mother, Happiness Coach, Founder, and President of NGO “Mantavya” and Project Head of NGO “Sneh Ashram”.

She had three big phases in life. The “Professional phase”, the “Married Phase” and her personal favorite the “Wow Phase”. She started working in HCL in their R&D department. As is normal, she got married and had a son and daughter. For her family and kids, she left the job but she could not sit idle at home. Being a science background she started giving coaching of science to students. This is the profession she did not want to choose but time made her choose so.

The former is a civil engineer and her daughter is pursuing her Masters in Germany. With her children on their career paths, her husband occupied with his own, she decided to increase her knowledge base, eventually moving on to the “Wow Phase” of her life.

With additional time on hand and driven by the thirst for knowledge, she went to Bangalore to get trained by a world-renowned Laughter Yoga Teacher. As she looks back now, this was the key changing point for her. As Steve jobs famously said – You can only connect the dots looking back. Equipped with newfound knowledge of Laughter yoga, she was hungry to spread the knowledge. Driven by the need of serving the community, she decided to visit the old age home in the hopes of spreading laugher. There she met my mentor – Mr Arun Mehra. Or as she fondly call him, Mehra ji.

Although laughter yoga provided practical knowledge, being a science teacher, she missed the theoretical knowledge behind laughter. Therefore, she did a course from ISB, a world-class business school, and got certified as a Happiness Coach. Overjoyed by new certifications, she started taking happiness classes and spreading the joy.

To broaden her social circle and meet like-minded women, she joined Faridabad Ladies Club (FLC). She believes this decision has been instrumental in her life as she met some inspiring women in her journey.

As mentioned earlier, she has two important driving factors.

1. Always keep growing

2. Serve the community

Noticing the lack of menstrual hygiene education around her, she decided to do something about it. Together with her 4 best friends, she opened an NGO called UMANG-16 with the goal of providing sanitary napkins at a reasonable rate + sessions about menstrual hygiene to rural girls and women.

While in NGO, she realized that the young girls looked up to me for guidance and support. She wanted to play the part, be their support and guide them in the right way. Realizing that she needed to understand human behavior, she enrolled in an NLP course. She believes the course equipped her with specific tools that she could now use to increase her understanding of the young girls and be a successful coach for them.

Remember Mehra Ji from her laugher phase? He saw something in her, that she did not see herself. A “Spark” as he calls it. He came up to her one day and asked me if she wanted to take up a new responsibility as the Project Head in a training center. She was taken aback. Thoughts of “Will I be able to do it”, and “It’s way beyond my capability” flooded in her. Her husband firmly said, “I believe in you”. The firm belief from her husband and the mentorship from Mehra ji, led me to accept the offer.

This pro-bono training center trains women in fields of Computer, stitching and Beauticians with the goal of improving employment at grassroot level. She conducts classes for the above-mentioned programs here. All her earlier experiences – Understanding human behavior in NLP, Laughter yoga, Happiness coach, having a network of inspiring women equipped her with the skills needed for this role.

These are her fundaasoflife 🙂 :-

  • It’ never too late. Go out there, be your most authentic self. The world will applaud you.
  • Recognize your best friends and nurture the relationships.
  • Increase your network – The more people you know, more you can grow.
  • Be happy and spread it too

Lets try to know more about her through an exciting interview with her :-


  1. Sunita mam you are inspiring to every age of women, and m very thankful to God that m working under you, learning lots of things to you
    Always respect you and luv u mam

  2. What an inspiring journey! She reaffirms my faith in being a lifelong learner. Many many congratulations on all the work you have done for Faridabad 🙂

  3. Dear Sunita Ji,

    I am really feel blessed to be your Junior since School Time. You are Journey is so inspiring to all of us. Regards

    Dinesh Nasa

  4. It’s an excellent journey you have started by serving the society.I am proud to be your husband.
    Keep it up.
    Harish Khurana

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