April 24, 2024


Hello, my name is Snigdha Chatterjee, I am 23 years old.

My story was started 23 years ago…
After 3 months of my birth, I was diagnosed with Thalassemia major Disease ( Genetical Blood Disorder) In this, I have to take 2 units of blood transfusion every 15 days. The most dangerous condition of Thalassemia is due to the countless number of blood transfusion, lots of iron stored in our body which is extremely harmful to our internal organs and is a life-threatening situation for us, for the management of iron deposition we have to take separate treatment which is very expensive and sometimes painful.

I used to take 12 hours of injections every day or sometimes for 24 hours. I had to take this injection in my stomach daily, which I used to inject by myself, its really a painful process.
I used to drive a two-wheeler and attend class with those injections on my stomach. It’s a challenging process but life can’t wait for anyone, so why should I wait for my happiness and success, too continued life to achieve my goals

Despite my disease’s challenges and struggle of my life, I scored 81% in high school from ICSE BOARD, that I have got an award from SSP Gorakhpur in 2013
And again in 2014, I have got an award from DM Gorakhpur under Kanya Shiksha Suraksha Campaign held by Hindustan media and Uttar Pradesh Government.
This appreciation and all the blessing of amazing persons around me fueled my motivation and encouraged me a lot.

With all those wonderful blessings and appreciation, In 2019 I cleared UGC NET ( National Eligibility Test) and got the Eligibility of Assistant Professor, And in 2020 I completed a Master of Commerce with 72% from Gorakhpur University, After that, I had Selected for an Expert panel under the campaign ‘Mission Shakti’ held by Hindustan media and Uttar Pradesh Government. Last but not the least, on the occasion of Rashtriya Yuva Diwas 2021, Hindustan media selected & included me in the top 10 youth icon of Gorakhpur. Now, I am moving forward with my further studies.

At last, I would like to thanks those who supported me in all my struggles, and special thanks to my parents and my sister for becoming my support system always and forever…

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