June 25, 2022

The Mental State of a Woman

Today I am going to write about the mental state of a woman. What goes on the mind of a woman, what does she think and why does she think?

A lady whose responsibility is to look after the house, the children, and also the need of all the family members and fulfilling them but while fulfilling these responsibilities she forgets herself somewhere. She forgets what her existence is, what she wanted, and what is happening.

Even before she realized these responsibilities, she was a free bird who used to live in her own world of dreams. When the parents prevented her dreams from flying, she would lose her hand and again lost in the same world but she forgot that she does not have the right to dream because after marriage, when she will have responsibilities on her shoulders, her dreams to fly will be broken and whose voice will not even be heard by anyone. And she herself will adjust in that situation and will be happy to fulfill those responsibilities.

Home Makers performing multitasks

This is how a carefree girl transformed herself into a responsible home maker, sometimes by her own happiness or sometimes by situation.

“Being a mother and a housewife is a worthy choice for any woman, provided that it is her choice”

~Molly Yard

Despite the fact that some girls have skills and talent, still their parents forced them towards household chores and do not give importance to their studies and skills.But these ill-considered thoughts of society cannot stop their dream flight.

It is not necessary that she has to go out and to do a job to fulfill her dreams, she can do more than that. A woman is the ocean of skills, in which many people will get pearls. Some have the quality of embroidery, and in some, there is the quality of handicraft, some have the quality of singing, and in some, quality of cooking.

But while fulfilling the family’s responsibilities, she forgets what she wants for herself. The quality of these women comes out when the time comes. Often seen in the family, at the time of the economic crisis, she helps a family in finances using her skills. And sometimes their quality comes out while teaching her children. When she unites day and night to complete her kids’ projects and helps them in many other ways. she finds happiness in the happiness of her children.

we should encourage such talent so that a woman does not have to kill her desires and she can also spread her wings and can fly high. she gets all happiness in maintaining her house but it’s our responsibility not to ignore her qualities.

“Women are the largest untapped reserviour of talent in the world”

~Hillary Clinton

There is another section of women who called “Working Woman”, truly said a woman who works day and night for her family outside and inside of the house.

She not only performs her responsibility at the workplace but also contributes to the financial matters of the house. along with this, looking after the needs of the family, teaching kids, and also looking into the rest of household chores are her responsibilities.

Modern multi-tasking working woman with multiple hands

To think that, being working she is running away from the responsibilities of the family, is completely wrong.

“It is hard to be a Woman. you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse”.

It is only a woman who knows how painful it is to go to work leaving her kids behind. She also wants to spend a quality time with her kids like other moms, watch them grow up, to enjoy their laughter and cry.

A working woman does not want to go to work to get rid of household chores. Some have to work to support her family and some do not want to waste her studies and skills. And those who come from the second category, society looks at them with disdain because they think that she puts her career above family and kids. But their views will be different in the case of man.

Who gives the right to society to think about those women? is it not their right to live their dreams? Is it the responsibility of woman only to maintain the house and to look after children? Why the man of the house can not share the hand of the woman in household chores? Why is it the sole responsilibity of woman even to look after house after coming from work?

It is not like that all families in the socities treat their ladies like this. I have seen many many families who give equal rights to woman also.

But in all these, we forget that “Rights do not reduce Responsibilties”.

There is a myth that a working woman has more privilege than a homemaker. She can hire domestic help for her support. But we forget that domestic help can support in basic household chores but they can not fulfill all responsibilities. The responsibility to ensure each and everyone at home has their breakfast, lunch, and dinner on time, kids’ homework and their progress report, the parents’ health check-ups, and vaccination of the children. The responsibility to see there is no shortage of anything at home and to help spouse in official and financial matters.

She has to fulfill all these responsibilities while performing her job or business. In our society we cannot expect all these from a working male because they brought up by listening from the childhood that their responsibility is to earn livelihood, all other responsibilities like to maintain family and to look after needs of the family is of a woman, whether working or home maker.

“We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons…but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.”

~Gloria Steinem

I have seen many women sacrificed their careers for the sake of family and kids. Because for them her dreams were not dreams , there was no one to give importance to her studies and skills. Why do we forget that in the 21st century, we are still holding the same punks. In today’s era if a woman can work by joining shoulder with a man , so why not a man can perform household responsibilities with a woman.

“In a culture that gives men irresponsible power and women powerless responsibility, the advancement of civilization cannot be a serious goal”

~Mary Blakely

We should lay the foundation of a society where a woman is given the right to walk shoulder to shoulder with a man, but the responsibility of family should also be played along with her.

7 thoughts on “The Mental State of a Woman

  1. You hve vry well mentiond the different shades of a woman. I totally agree with you.
    “.A woman is the ocean of skills, in which many people will get pearls.”
    If we love and respect ourselves only then be able to get wht we desire.
    Thanks for writing such wonderful blogs in beautiful words..
    Keep on sharing.
    Lots of love and blessings to you!

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