April 24, 2024


About FundaasofLife

FundaasofLife is a platform that covers life stories and journeys of inspirational souls. We focus on spreading positive vibes, motivation, and inspiration through real-life stories.

We cover the journey of inspirational souls who quietly reach their goals while facing the challenges in their lives. Those who have an identity in the society around them but no one knows about their struggle in life.

We pay attention to the journey of people of all ages, every field, every class, and how to present their journey in a dramatic manner so that readers find it interested as well as they can also get inspiration from it.

FundaasofLife started its journey during the period of the pandemic of Corona. When the whole world was suffering from it. Many people were going into depression because of it. We thought to give motivation to people by inspiring journeys.

Our aim is to inspire people and help them to reach their goals.

Here you find stories which you can relate to your own life.

About Author


Mini Bhatia is Chartered Accountants by profession and doing practice in this field for the last 10 years. She is the blessed mother of twins. Her passion for writing has motivated her to start her journey through FundaasofLife.

 Here she sharing stories of inspiring souls and also sharing her own experiences of life.

Her fundaasoflife is “Stay Motivated and Inspired